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If you looking to add muscle or to simply recoup fat for muscle, this product is for you!

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N-Motion introduces, iFuel to fuel your workouts past your dreams. There are many products on the market that focuses on giving you the important nutrients your muscles need to grow, but unforntanly many of those compounds are not reaching your muscle fibers. That is why N-Motion added TMG to iFuel. TMG will force those nutrients required for a pump, strength and recovery directly into the muscle fiber that will produce a work out like you have never felt before. N-Motion also added Cluster Dextrin in the mix, this will not only provide you with the carbohydrates your muscles need to perform but will also sustain your workouts to grow at the next level. If you looking to add muscle or to simply recoup fat for muscle, this product is for you! No longer let your supplements go to waste, iFuel will transport your supplements directly to where you want them!

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14 reviews for iFuel

  1. Tommy Milsape

    Unbelievable product. Could feel my muscles filling up within the first set! Lifted much more weight. Looked and felt great on iFuel!

  2. Brett Barrnett

    Have been taking supplements for over 20 years nothing compare to this when it comes to forcing your muscles to draw in the compounds you need to grow!
    one week in and my lifts keep getting better!

  3. Joe Robedeaux

    This product is the REAL DEAL!!

  4. Taylor Bruno

    Recommend by my trainer to buy this and up nitro, best workouts i ever had. Crazy results. Highly recommend!

  5. John Silverson

    Taste is great and couldn’t believe the feeling i felt by taking it for the first time!

  6. Ricky Fueler

    Will be adding this to my staple of products. With the carbs n TMG in iFuel it creates a scene for muscle growth.

  7. Eathan Brookes

    Never felt a product like this.. Glad i went with it

  8. Wilton Spearman

    great product if your stuck in a rut on your workouts. will push you to break through.

  9. Cory Washman

    Top quality ingredients for top notch results!

  10. Bobbie Hellaur

    get ready and hold on, this will surpass your expectations. i know it did for me!

  11. Shelli Desaray

    One scoop of iFuel, one scoop of preworkout in one bottle thats how i know i will crush my workout!

  12. Kelli Franks

    Took it 30 min before my run and my endurance was like no other!

  13. Randy Frost

    Seen an increase in my weights and cardio endurance from the first scoop!

  14. Kyler Clements

    Great product with an amazing taste!

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