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Up Speed is a powerful, dual phase pre-workout thermogenic that elevates Mood and Focus.


Up Speed is a powerful, dual phase pre-workout thermogenic that delivers increased lipolysis, smooth, clean energy and elevates Mood and Focus. Up Speed is also ephedra free meaning it will be jitter/shake free. Up Speed also helps control your appetite.

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4 reviews for Up Speed

  1. Cynthia Ghent

    Tried this product and felt/saw the results within a couple of weeks.
    Great stuff, worth the cost!

    • Louis Ganacheau

      Awesome feedback Cynthia!! We are so happy to see that your are enjoying Up Speed. Next time you get Up Speed, try stacking it together with Thyro Inferno for even more results. Keep up the good work girl!!

  2. thomas bushnell

    i am a diabetic everyday my vision was blurry and my colors were off.i took this product for a couple days and my vision is clear and all the colors came back.i told the guys at planet nutrition they said they never heard of this.my vision has been blurry for 5 years.this product is incredible.i refered it to a friend that has the same problem and he says the same.

  3. Patricia

    Is this safe to take with Highblood Pressure?

  4. Moocow

    This product doesn’t give me the jitters and puts me in a all around better mood to do more active stuff. It also makes me more sexually inclined. Only downside is it’s the most stinky diet pill I ever smelled but it works!

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