Thyro Inferno v3.0

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A powerful non-stimulatory fat burner designed to increase the thyroid, your body’s internal thermostat, leading to an increased metabolism and nutrient utilization.

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A powerful non-stimulatory fat burner designed to increase the thyroid, your body’s internal thermostat, leading to an increased metabolism and nutrient utilization. Thyro Inferno stacks very well with Up Speed.

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16 reviews for Thyro Inferno v3.0

  1. Pam H.

    Couldn’t lose weight on my own needed a push. I bought Thyro and I’m 8 pounds down in the first three weeks.

  2. Rachel W.

    Spring break was approaching and needed to tighten up. Never could take stimulants but I can tolerate sweating and this product does just that. Perfectly toned up just in time for the beach!

  3. Gerald A.

    My health and weight has been declining for years. High blood pressure, medications etc. I needed to change my lifestyle. I started with this product and i already dropped weight and dropped two medications. Very satisfied customer.

  4. Jack T.

    Never took a product that works like this. Literally sweat the fat away.

  5. Tony Morrow

    Tried Thyro Inferno for the first time. This product will definitely increase you metabolism and make you sweat during and after your workout.

    • Planet Nutrition

      Tony, thank you for taking the first step in LOSING 15 LBS!!
      For even more WEIGHT LOSS, stack Thyro Inferno v3.0 with Up-Speed.

  6. Ben E.

    This product is like no other. I sweat twice as much on the pill compared to cardio. Love this product.

  7. Kylie W.

    All I did was take one pill a day. No gym no diet and I’m losing weight.

  8. Jackie B.

    I’m very sensitive to fat burners. Can’t take any of them. Gave this one a try and is very tolerable. All I feel is a sweat, and it works!

  9. Richard M.

    Been trying to lose weight for many months. Just couldn’t get the weight off. Tried diets-fat burners. All the same outcome. Until the first day I tried Thyro. Unbelievable product, weight is down!

  10. Sharon E.

    It really work! Day 3 of using Thyro infererno with the up speed, this product make you sweat even if your not working out.

    • Planet Nutrition

      Planet Nutrition designs products for everyone, not just fitness minded individuals. Diet and supplements play a key role in keeping individuals healthy. Your on your way to achieving your weight loss goals. Also try our award winning protein (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cinnamon, Mint Chocolate, and Cookies and Cream) as a meal replacement.

  11. David M.

    I would like to start off by giving a BIG thank you to the Planet Nutrition team in Crowley Louisiana! The location is always clean, and the staff is very welcoming. I have long been searching for an alternative to traditional fat burners which I have tried but couldn’t handle very well. After discussing alternatives with Austin, he recommended I try Thyro Inferno v3.0. I did and now after a few doses I am LOVING this product. I started to feel it kicking in after about 1 hour gradually releasing into my body (which is important to me), after 2 hours I felt the full effects with some light sweeting (which to me is no big deal). I would highly recommend this product for anyone who is sensitive to other fat burners but is looking for another choice.

  12. Vickie R.

    Husband surprised me with a vacation, with less than three months to get in shape. Bought Thyro & Up Speed, got me on track within a month n a half. Vacation here I come!

  13. Tim M.

    My wife picked up a bottle before our wedding date. She had a goal for the wedding and with this product she blew her own expectations.

  14. Susan R.

    Left the doctors office after being diagnosed with high blood pressure and many prescriptions. Knew I needed a change. Went pick this product up and one month later I lost 12 pounds and am off all prescriptions.

  15. thomas bushnell

    i bought some from the beaumont texas store,it was amazing to sweat that much,since i started using the products i have lost 25 pounds in two months and gained muscle.the sugar free shakes are the best.

    • Planet Nutrition

      Thank you for the post and congratulations on the weight loss and muscle gain.

  16. LeWard Rideaux

    I just started taking the Thyro inferno and it is really working for me. The guys at the Eunice Louisiana location was really helpful and encouraged me to try this product. I think I am on my way to a fit body. I will keep you updated with my progress. I have more energy than I’ve ever had before taking this product.
    Ward R.

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